Start Eco Rally Bulgaria 2017
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We are pleased to announce Type 2 charging during the Eco Rally Bulgaria 2017,
thanks to our partners and co-organizer eCars – the first producer of charging stations in Bulgaria.

Type2 1s   Type2 2s


Charging stations for electric cars in the heart of Sofia

The multifunctional complex "San Stefano Plaza", along with 488 parking spaces on four levels, also has charging stations for electric cars.

 1 SSPlaza panoramaS   2 Electrical vehicle charging station level 1s


The bulletin board is located at the Permanent Burean and the official website.

Until 27 July 2017
Located at the following adress:
Bulgaria, 1680Sofia, Beli Brezi,bl.9

Between 27 July 2017 and the end of the Rally:
Located at the following adress:
HQ Sofia Hotel Balkan
HQ Borovets Club Hotel Yanakiev

Calendrier Sportif International 2017 / 2017 International Sporting Calendar
Energies Nouvelles et Electriques/ Electric and New Energies
(12 compétitions / competitions)

23-26/03         ITA 1st Rally Italy - Slovenia (E-Rally Regularity)
01-02/04         ITA 2nd Eco Rally San Remo (E-Rally Regularity)
05-06/05         ESP IX Eco Rallye Vasco Navarro (E-Rally Regularity)
19-20/05         CZE 6 New Energies Rallye Cesky Krumlov (E-Rally Regularity)
08-11/06         AUT EcoNova Cup Austria (E-Rally Regularity)
28-30/07         BGR Eco Rally Bulgaria 2017 (E-Rally Regularity)
04-05/08         JPN Solar Car Race Suzuka 2017 (Solar Cars)
31/08 - 03/09 DEU Note * EcoNova Rally Germany (E-Rally Regularity)
16-17/09        SMR San Marino E-Rally (E-Rally Regularity)
29/09 - 01/10 GRC High Tech Mobility Rally 2017 (E-Rally Regularity)
25/10 - 29/10 MCO e-Rallye Monte-Carlo (E-Rally Regularity)
02-05/11        CHE EcoNova Rally Swiss (E-Rally Regularity)